Monday, December 31, 2012

How to Clean Rough, Uneven Surfaces with Stone Floor Cleaners?

stone floor cleaners
The problem with rough hard surfaces used to be that there seemed to be very little choice in the type of equipment you could use for cleaning them. In commercial areas, the problem used to be more acute, due to the large size of floors and the heavy accumulation of dirt on them. Thankfully, stone floor cleaners have solved the problem by offering contractors the ability to clean such surfaces quickly and easily.

Advanced stone floor cleaners utilize a wand with a motorized spinner to scrub dirt off surfaces. While there are stone floor cleaners that feature a non-motorized spinner powered merely by water pressure, these spinners are not as effective as the ones with motorized scrubber heads. Therefore, you need to choose stone floor cleaners carefully.

Second point to consider is the size of the spinner. Indoor areas are sufficiently cleaned with a smaller spinner, usually nine inches in diameter. For cleaning larger areas, you need a larger spinner, normally 19 inches. You could also invest in a wall cleaning attachment in order to clean walls.

The latest hard surface cleaners can also be used as pressure washers, carpet cleaner extractors, and upholstery cleaning machines. Some of the machines feature pressure levels up to 1500 psi. Machines from some of the most reputed brands on the market like Daimer® operate at a very low noise, as low and quiet as 58 decibels. Stone floor cleaners have an added advantage that they clean most hard surfaces, rough or smooth, stone, even concrete and tile.